Stampante 3D Craftbot 3XL – 375x250x440mm

Stampante 3D Craftbot 3XL – 375x250x440mm

  • Estrusore doppio, facile per l’ABS
  • D: 375 x 250 x 440 mm
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3D Printer Craftbot 3XL – Dual Exstruder 375 x 250 x 440mm.

Instead of using one dual extruder head, we instead use two independent heads, which not only allows for great dual extrusion prints, but also makes it possible to print two separate objects simultaneously in symmetry.

The CraftBot 3 uses two all-metal hotends which can print at temperatures as high as 300°C, the range of filaments is covered.

A filament monitoring system helps to assess the quality and consistency of the printing process, we have a built in counter, refined cooling technology for printing the smallest objects and details impressively, new quieter motors, high accuracy ball screws, an all-around tuneup on components to allow for improved 50 micron/layer print quality, plus more aesthetic improvements, such as an LED status indicator (the 3D printer equivalent of a cool hood ornament on your CraftBot).

Extruder temperature: Max. 300°C
Print speed: 1-200 mm/s
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
Materials: PLA, PETG, ABS, ASA, PVA, flexible, HIPS, PP, PC, PA.
Software: Craft Ware

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