Stampante 3D Creality CR-1000 Pro

Stampante 3D Creality CR-1000 Pro

La CR-1000 Pro è il modello di punta di Creality. Con un’enorme dimensione di stampa di 1000x1000x1200 mm, è in grado di stampare più in grande e meglio della maggior parte della concorrenza.

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3D Printer Creality CR-1000 Pro

The CR-1000 Pro is the flag-ship model from Creality. With a massive print size of 1000 x 1000 x 1200 mm it can print bigger and better than most of the competition. The price/performance ratio for this printer is amazing and offers a huge print volume for a very competitive price. The CR-1000 is packed with useful functions like filament run out detection, heated build plate, color touch screen, power loss recovery, the option to use nozzle size up to 1.2 mm and much more. 


Product advantages

  • Super large print size 1000 x 1000 x 1200 mm integrated sheet metal chassis, industrial aesthetics, fashionable appearance. 
  • Material interruption detection, continuous printng after power failure, free control of the lights in the printing room.
  • It will automatically shut down after playing, 7-inch full-color capacitive touch screen, intelligent operation.
  • Printing is safe, the machine comes with leakage protection and overload protection.
  • Silver slider, ball screw, stepper motor drive, ultra-high printing accuracy.
  • Industrial-grade circuit board, supporting long-term printing, reliable temperature and constant temperature.
  • 6MM aluminum substrate heating bed, 220V direct current heating, fast heating speed.
  • Large nozzle, large flow, fast printing.
  • Automatic leveling + auxiliary leveling.


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