Mix PLA Silk

Unleash your imagination and start printing with Mix PLA Silk designed to make every creation a one-of-a-kind.

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You can access the Technical Data Sheet here.
Manufacturer Part No: FL171-9999; Net weight: 1000g
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Easy to print
Environmentally friendly
Shiny surface
Conceals transitions between layers
Not resistant to water and chemicals
Not very tough, breakable
Not suitable for mechanical parts

PLA Silk

Meet our PLA Silk filaments, a special edition of our PLA Original line. PLA Silk filaments have particular additions to the classic PLA filaments that give the appearance of a shiny, slightly translucent and silky surface. Moreover, this material helps conceal the transitions between layers when printing. PLA Silk filaments feature all traditional PLA characteristics and give consistent results. They are the best choice for 3D printing of decorative elements like vases, figurines, accessories, home gadgets and much more.

Mix PLA Silk

How are Mix filaments made? During production, we transition between colours without stopping the production process to save time, resources and energy. Consequently, when we change the colour, there is a gradual transition in the filament string from one colour to another. Instead of throwing away the filament where transition happen, we decided to create the Mix filaments. We’re committed to being environmentally responsible and minimizing waste.

Mix PLA Silk filament is a mix of different PLA Silk colours from our offer. The colours and the number of colours in our Mix PLA Silk are completely random and change with every order. AzureFilm Mix PLA Silk is perfect for anyone that does not need a specific colour of filament or will paint the final product. By purchasing this item you agree to receive a random spool of our choice.

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You can access the Technical Data Sheet here.

Printing recommendations:

  • For the best results, print at 220–240°C. 
  • Recommended printing table temperature is 80°C.
  • Use a glass bed, PEI sheet, Kapton, or Blue tape for the build platform with 3Dlac spray.

*Ideal temperature may vary when using different printers.

Features and properties

Flexibility: Low
Strength: Medium
Durability: Medium
Difficulty to use: Low
Shrinkage / Warping: Minimal
Soluble: No
Diameter available: 1.75mm
Manufacturer: AzureFilm