Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K

The Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K is the most beginner-friendly 4K 3D printer on the market, offering ultra-high resolution with 722 PPI, the highest PPI ever!

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Manufacturer Part No: PSOMI4K
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The Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K sets a new 3D printing standard with a remarkable 722 PPI. It delivers high-res 4K prints at 35µm with a large 6.1″ area for precision on objects of any size.

Ultra-high definition printing

Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K boasts a remarkable 4K resolution, delivering an ultra-high-definition of 3840 x 2160. With a generous 6.1″ printing area, it operates at an astounding 35µm with an industry-leading 722 PPI. This combination ensures that your 3D printed models exhibit intricate details and precision that align perfectly with your 3D designs.

Monochrome LCD speed and simplicity

Utilizing Monochrome LCD technology, the Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K achieves a rapid printing speed that outpaces many of its competitors. Impressively, it completes one layer in just two seconds, making it one of the fastest 3D printers available. Furthermore, its user-friendly design simplifies the 3D printing process; you can effortlessly send your data to the printer via a USB flash drive, requiring only a few taps to initiate the printing process. This level of convenience makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, whether for personal or professional use. Additionally, it offers compatibility with multiple resins, excelling with Phrozen’s Aqua-Gray 4K while also accommodating third-party resins.

Technical details:

  • System: Phrozen OS
  • Operation: 2.8in touch panel
  • Slicer software: ChiTu Box V1.6.5
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Technology: Resin 3D printer – LCD type
  • Light source: 405nm ParaLED Matrix 2.0
  • XY resolution: 35µm
  • Layer thickness: 0.01-0.30mm
  • Maximum printing speed: 80mm/h
  • Power requirement: AC100-240V~50/60Hz
  • Printer size: L25xW25xH33 cm
  • Print volume: L13.4xW7.5×13 cm
  • Printer weight: 5kg

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