PLA Lumos

PLA Lumos collection features PLA Lumos filament UV Light Yellow, PLA Lumos filament Glow in the dark White and PLA Lumos filament Litho White. All three types glow in one way or another when in contact with light. PLA Lumos filament Litho White allows the creation of 3D images that come to life when light shines through them. The PLA Lumos filament UV Light Yellow filament will glow under any UV light, and PLA Lumos filament Glow in the dark White charges in sunlight and then emits a subtle glow in the dark. Play with PLA Lumos and enjoy your interesting light creations.

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AzureFilm PLA Lumos. Try our interesting Lumos collection, play with light and create mesmerising objects. Fast delivery, affordable prices. Shop now.