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AzureFilm is a renowned European additive manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in the plastic industry. Over time, our knowledge and sincere passion for 3D printing led us to expand our production and evolve into the 3D filament expert that we are today.  

With a great team of specialists, we managed to design and create our production line which enables us great flexibility, continuous innovation, and top-quality products. We quickly become the first choice in our country Slovenia and then expanded to all other EU markets as well. 

One of our important advantages is also in-house tooling (mould making, injection moulding, CNC milling, drilling) which makes us the only 3D filament company that manufactures filaments as well as production lines to produce them. This allows us to constantly optimize our production process, making it more time and cost-efficient. 

Besides the wide range of different 3D filament types and colours, we also offer 3D printers, spare parts, colours on demand, private label options, and much more – all together making AzureFilm the right place where you turn your dreams into a 3D reality! 

We are on a mission to provide high-quality 3D filaments that inspire innovation, exceed expectations, and drive creativity to new heights. We are here to empower individuals, business partners, and industries with the tools to unleash their full potential in the 3D world.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as one of the most important companies that impacted the future where 3D printing thrives in every household and industry. With high-quality products and reliable service, we will become a go-to partner and a strong force that helps to seamlessly integrate 3D printing into every aspect of our lives, making it more accessible, more enjoyable, and more sustainable for all.



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1968 First generation

The Derman family business started when the founder Marcelo Derman opened the company, manufacturing transformers and coils for electronic devices.

1990 Second generation

The company expands from transformers and coils to graphic materials, such as car wrapping foils, digital printing foils, sales and service of large format printers, colours for printers, plastic and aluminium plates, and promotional products.

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2012 Third generation

The third generation of family business brings the passion for 3D technologies and 2012 was the year when the development of the first machines and the tools for the production of 3D filaments started.

2014 AzureFilm is born

Establishment of AzureFilm brand under which we produce quality 3D filaments for all types of 3D printers. In addition to a wide range of plastic filaments or threads, we also have a very diverse selection of 3D printers and spare parts for 3D printers.

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The backbone of the company is our team, bringing expertise and dedication to every aspect of the business. From research and development to manufacturing, marketing and customer support, our skilled team members work collaboratively to ensure the highest quality standards and customer satisfaction.

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