PLA Filaments

PLA, also known as polylactic acid, is a biodegradable material derived from renewable and natural raw materials. AzureFilm PLA filaments are extremely easy to print, odourless, and don’t require a heated table. Explore over 10 PLA filament editions including Silk, Wood, Neon, Skin, Pastel, Glitter, and more. 

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Discover AzureFilm PLA filaments. Choose from over 10 editions for stunning 3D prints. More than 20.000 satisfied customers. Start creating today!

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What are PLA filaments?

PLA is made out of biodegradable raw and natural resources.  This bioplastic filament is a renewable and recyclable material that doesn’t produce harmful fumes during heating or printing.

PLA filaments are currently the best-selling filaments on the market. Its popularity is due to its usability in a wide range of 3D printing. The main advantages of PLA material are that it is odourless, easy to print, and does not require a heated table for printing. Another advantage of PLA is that you don’t need an enclosed printer when working with this material. 

However, PLA has also some disadvantages. For example, you should not use PLA for projects that require temperature resistance above 60°C. Moreover, this material is not resistant to water and chemicals.

Still, the PLA is very easy to work with and a perfect choice for beginners.

Applications of PLA filaments

PLA material is widely used in today’s world.  You can find PLA in plastic films, bottles, and even biodegradable medical devices. Due to its accessibility, affordability, and extensive colour options, people like to make all kinds of models with PLA. You can

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