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Support Filaments: Everything you need to know

When it comes to producing intricate 3D prints, the significance of support structures or support filaments is incomparable. Thanks to them we can apply compound geometries all the while keeping the aesthetics of the design intact. In this article, we are going to confer about the best support filaments for making support structures, available options, [...]

Explore our special filaments

Special filaments are unique 3D printing materials which can uplift your designs by adding a touch of their different characteristics and functionalities. Would you like for your prints to glow in the dark? Mimic natural elements? Glitter in the morning sunlight? If you would like to see your 3D prints stand out with their unique [...]

PCTG filaments: Everything you need to know

3D print enthusiasts are always on the hunt for a good 3D printing material that best suits their printing purposes. Keeping that in mind, scientists are trying to sophisticate the pre-existing filaments while getting rid of the disadvantages people face when printing with them. PCTG filaments are such an example. The industrial-grade 3D printing material [...]

How to print Flexible filaments

TPU filaments are essentially plastics with rubber-like qualities, making them extremely flexible and durable. Flexible filaments are commonly used to produce household appliances, toys, phone cases, wearables like wristbands, automotive parts, and medical supplies. If you want to 3d print something that is supposed to bend, stretch, or compress, this TPU 3D printer filament should [...]

Carbon Fiber Filaments: Everything you need to know

From a lightbulb to space rockets, Carbon Fiber Filaments are taking over and replacing steel and metal parts in various industries. Why? Well, Carbon fiber is five times stronger than steel and at the same time lighter. These characteristics make carbon fiber suitable for applications that depend upon a material’s features to optimize performance, which [...]

ABS Filaments: Everything you need to know

ABS filaments are highly used in FDM printing because of their mechanical strength, high heat, chemical, and UV resistance. In this article, we will describe everything you need to know about ABS filaments, the ways to optimise print quality and share tips to keep ABS nice and dry for glossy 3D prints each time. So, [...]

PETG Filaments: Everything you need to know

PETG, one of the most strong and durable 3D printing filaments, stands for Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol. PETG filaments carry the printing ease of PLA along with the strength of ABS. This type of filament is the best to print functional parts of a 3D model because of the toughness of the material and its top [...]

ASA Filaments: Everything you need to know

In this guide, we are going to break down all the important things you need to know to print with ASA filaments and how to avoid the issues usually faced with this filament. With these tips, you will learn everything there is to know about ASA filaments. Acrylic Styrene Acrylonitrile, popularly known as ASA might [...]

PLA Filaments: Everything you need to know

PLA is one of the most used 3D printer filaments known for its extensive colour range and versatility and style. That’s why it is suitable for many printing applications. Those who want high-quality, vibrant, and aesthetic 3D prints often use PLA filaments. PLA (Polylactic Acid) filaments are very easy to use and perfect for beginners [...]