As a family-owned business and a high-quality 3D filament manufacturer, we prepare each package with the utmost importance. Before shipping, we check all products and package them carefully into delivery boxes to make certain they arrive in perfect condition.

Very rarely it can come to the situation that some products become damaged during transport or might include a factory defect. We will attempt to resolve any such cases quickly and in line with your expectations.

IMPORTANT: As a 3D filament manufacturer we can only review your complaint requests for the filaments. For printers and other products that AzureFilm does not produce, you need to claim your warranty from the product manufacturer directly. Still, we will do everything in our power to prevent you from going through the process with the manufacturer and solve the problems ourselves (if possible).

Please follow these 3 main steps:

  1. Send the filled out Complaint form to email
  2. If we cannot solve the problem remotely, you will need to send also the product to us.
  3. The decision about the complaint is dismissed or approved.

Please read about the complaint process more in detail below:

Before you send the complaint request

Before you send us a product complaint, please check some things first. The complaint will be automatically rejected if:

  • You submit the claimed product without an issued invoice or/and a claim form;
  • you do not make a complaint as soon as you discover damage or defects in the product and continue to use it;
  • the damage was caused by improper use of the product (e.g. usage of the wrong filament on the specific printer).

Fill in the form and send it to our info email

If you still think you should make a complaint, fill out the complaint form and send it to

The most common complaint is connected to electronic parts of 3D printers. Please note that we will make a free spare part exchange in 1 year since the purchase. The condition is that the 3D printer was used in the right way.

Send us the product

In case, we cannot solve the issue remotely, we will ask you to send us the product. The product needs to be inserted into additional protective wrapping to protect the original product packaging (e.g. cardboard box).
Bring or send the damaged or defective product to our warehouse:

AzureFilm d.o.o.
Orleška 16
6210 Sežana

Shipping costs and return of the product in the case of complaint are covered by the buyer.

Product review

The product will be properly and expertly inspected, as damage to the product often occurs due to carelessness or mechanical error in the movement and use of the customer.

PLEASE NOTE: In case, we discover that there is no problem with the product you will be charged 30 € per hour (VAT included) of the time we spend on the inspection of the product.

Accepted or rejected complaint

We will let you know if the complaint is accepted or rejected no later than 30 days after receiving the complaint request. You can usually expect a decision on the complaint and an explanation for the decision within 7 days on your email address.

In the case of an approved complaint, the buyer can choose a new product or get a money refund. If the new product is more expensive than the existing one, the buyer pays the difference. The shipping cost is covered by AzureFilm.

In case of a rejected complaint and the buyer wants to get the product(s) back, the shipping cost is covered by the buyer.

You can find the complaint form HERE.

If you have any further questions, please contact us via