Unset PLA Original

Generate eco-friendly designs with our recycled Unset PLA Original.

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Manufacturer Part No: FP171-8888; Net weight: 1000g Manufacturer Part No: FP471-8888; Net weight: 2100g Manufacturer Part No: FP281-8888; Net weight: 1000g
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100% recycled filament
Easy to print
No need for an enclosed 3D printer
No heatbed required
Not resistant to water and chemicals
Resists only up to 60°C
Not suitable for mechanical parts

PLA Original

Introducing PLA Original, our filament line that offers reliable performance and a wide range of colour options. This edition features all traditional PLA characteristics, delivering consistent and dependable results. PLA Original is easy to print and great for beginners. Whether you’re working on decorations, prototypes, or other models, PLA Original is your go-to choice for a successful and satisfying printing experience.

Unset PLA Original

The Unset filaments are your eco-choice for the next projects. These filaments are made from excess material produced during our production processes. This means that Unset filament is made from 100% recycled materials and helps reduce waste. The colour of these filaments changes with every order because of the different combinations of recycled material colours.

You can access the Technical Data Sheet here.

Printing recommendations:

  • Print at 200–230°C temperature for best results.* 
  • You do not need a heated bed however, we recommend preheating your printing table to 50–60°C.
  • Use a glass bed, PEI sheet, Kapton, or Blue tape for the build platform with 3Dlac spray.

*Ideal temperature may vary when using different printers.

Features and properties

Flexibility: Low
Strength: Medium
Durability: Medium
Difficulty to use: Low
Shrinkage / Warping: Minimal
Soluble: No
Diameter available: 1.75mm/2.85mm
Manufacturer: AzureFilm