3D Pen

Broaden your horizons and try 3D printing in a fun and simple way with our 3D Pen.

Disclaimer: You can choose between different 3D Pen connectivity types which affects the charging method (adapter or USB).

  • Adapter type: This variaton comes with an adapter. To charge you insert the cable directly into the socket.
  • USB port type: This variaton comes with a USB port. To charge you have to connect the USB port with a phone charger head first, then insert it into the socket.

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34,90 EUR
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Manufacturer Part No: AZPEN1-M Manufacturer Part No: AZPEN1U-M
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3D Pen

3D Pen allows you to create three-dimensional objects in the air. This type of technology enables you to 3D print with a simple writing process. This makes it perfect for creating different 3D objects at home. 3D Pen is suitable for children, teenagers, architects or anyone who wants to make 3D drawings at a really low cost. Since it’s using the same technology as a 3D printer, you can use it with standard PLA 1.75mm filaments. It is recommended to use 50g filament samples for your 3D Pen creations. You can find a wide range of PLA colours here.

Important: When you finish using the pen, we recommend that you always pull the leftover filament out of the pen to prevent it from drying out, hardening or even clogging the nozzle.

Features and properties

Output material type: Fused deposition modelling
Molding method: 3D modelling
Filament compatibility: PLA Original and PLA Silk
Printing area: Unlimited
Sprinkle speed: Adjustable
Heating temperature: 160°C–230°C
Power input: 12V 3A
Nozzle diameter: 0.4–0.7mm
Colour available: Blue