Motor drive TB6560

Motor drive TB6560 with automatic half current function and high-speed optical coupling.

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Manufacturer Part No: 3A130
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Key features:


    • Motor Compatibility: Compatible with 42/57 stepper motors, with a maximum rating of 3A, making it versatile for various motor types.
    • Wide Voltage Range: Operates on a voltage range of 10V to 35V DC, with a 24V DC switching power supply recommended for optimal performance.
    • High-Speed Precision: Utilizes a high-speed optical coupling component (6N137) to ensure precise control without losing steps, even at high speeds.
    • Enhanced Safety: Features the TB6560AHQ chip, equipped with built-in safeguards like low-voltage cutoff, overheating protection, and over-current protection, ensuring safe and reliable operation.
    • Adjustable Current: Rated for a maximum output of ±3A, with peak performance at 3.5A. Note that it’s suitable for stepper motors up to 3A; higher-rated motors are not recommended.
    • Automatic Half Current: Includes a convenient automatic half-current function to save power and reduce motor heat when the motor is at rest.
    • Subdivision Options: Offers various subdivision options, including full step, half step, step 1/8, 1/16-step, with up to 16 segments, allowing for precise control based on your needs.