Refill PLA filament Orange


Refill PLA filament Orange

Refill your prints with the bold energy of vibrant Refill PLA filament Orange.

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18,90 EUR
(18,90 EUR / kg)
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Manufacturer Part No: FPR171-2008; Net weight: 1000g
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Easy to print
Environmentally friendly
No need for an enclosed 3D printer
No heatbed required
Not resistant to water and chemicals
Resists only up to 60°C
Not suitable for mechanical parts

Refill PLA

We designed Refill PLA filaments to use with our REELfinity spool, which reduces waste and minimises the impact on the environment.

Refill PLA filaments have the exact same properties as our PLA Original. These filaments offer reliable performance and consistent results. Our Refill PLA filaments are easy to print and great for beginners.

Check out our assembly video of our REELfinity spool and Refill filaments and see how easy they are to set up!

Mechanical functions of our REELfinity:

  • Bigger holes on each side allow easier printing. The holes also reduce the possibility of errors during printing.
  • Functional pin to secure your filament when the spool is not in use.
  • A rectangular hole to help you close the spool. Once the refill filament is on the spool, you pinch the ties off and the filament spool is ready for use.
  • A measurement system on one side of the spool. Here you will be able to tell how much filament you have left approximately.

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Refill PLA filament Orange

Refill your prints with the bold energy of vibrant Refill PLA filament Orange.

To know more about PLA filaments, read our blog

You can access the Technical Data Sheet here.

Printing recommendations:

  • Print at 200–230°C temperature for best results.* 
  • You do not need a heated bed however, we recommend preheating your printing table to 50–60°C.
  • Use a glass bed, PEI sheet, Kapton, or Blue tape for the build platform with 3Dlac spray.

*Ideal temperature may vary when using different printers.

Features and properties

Flexibility: Low
Strength: Medium
Durability: Medium
Difficulty to use: Low
Shrinkage / Warping: Minimal
Soluble: No
Diameter available: 1.75mm
Manufacturer: AzureFilm

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