Introducing Prime filaments: Unlock the real power

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In the ever-evolving world of 3D printing, constant development and breaking known boundaries are key. We, at AzureFilm, are also committed to always looking for innovations and, of course, constant improvements. That’s why we are happy to present you with our new collection of Prime filaments.

Prime collection: Your print powerhouse

Our Prime filaments represent a new way of 3D printing. It is intended for anyone looking for unparalleled performance, reliability and versatility in a variety of industries. The collection consists of PLA, ASA and ABS materials.

At the core of the Prime collection is a commitment to excellence, which is evident through a range of revolutionary features. Designed to meet the diverse needs of makers, engineers and creators, each filament in the collection boasts a unique set of properties that set it apart from conventional materials.

Exceptional heat resistance

One of the outstanding features of the Prime collection is its exceptional heat resistance. Designed to withstand high temperatures, these filaments are ideal for applications where heat resistance is paramount, such as electronic housings and automotive components. With the ability to maintain structural integrity even under extreme conditions, Prime filaments offer unmatched reliability and durability.

16x9 PLA PRIME Heat Resistance 1 of 1 scaled e1713848779130

Impact resistance

In addition to heat resistance, the Prime filaments also feature impact resistance. Engineered to resist warping, cracking, and breaking under sudden impacts, these filaments ensure your prints remain intact and resilient through adversity.

16x9 Impact Resistance 1 of 2 scaled e1713849024744

Less warping

In addition, the Prime collection ensures warp-free printing: a common problem encountered when printing with traditional materials such as ABS and ASA. By eliminating warping, Prime filaments provide a smoother printing experience, reduce the risk of printing errors and ensure consistent results with every print. This makes them ideal for complex geometries and large-scale prints where dimensional accuracy is critical.

16x9 Less warping v2 1 of 1 scaled e1713849057927

Great interlayer adhesion

Interlayer adhesion is another area where the Prime filaments excel. With excellent layer adhesion, these filaments ensure that each layer bonds seamlessly to the next, resulting in prints that are structurally strong and error-free. This not only improves the overall print quality but also reduces the risk of delamination and other common printing problems.

16x9 interlayer Adhesion 1 of 1 scaled e1713849095503

High precision prints

In addition, Prime filaments are designed for high-precision printing, allowing users to easily achieve complex details and fine features. The Prime collection is also distinguished by its versatility and ease of use. With compatibility with a wide range of 3D printers, these filaments offer flexibility and convenience to users of all skill levels.

16x9 high Percision V3 1 of 1 scaled e1713849154366

PLA Prime

16x9 PLA v uporabi 1 of 1

Superior performance and reliability

PLA Prime boasts its advanced engineering-grade formulation. Combining ease of use with exceptional performance, PLA Prime features exceptional heat resistance, high impact strength and minimal shrinkage after annealing. Designed to deliver reliable print results, PLA Prime delivers consistent high-quality prints, even at speeds of up to 300mm/s, without compromising mechanical properties. Its excellent intermediate adhesion further increases the structural integrity of the printed parts.

Precision printing and versatile applications

With PLA Prime, precision printing meets versatility. Its high-precision capabilities enable the creation of intricate designs with fine details, making it ideal for architectural and artistic prints. In addition, PLA Prime’s reliability extends to a variety of applications, from functional prototypes to the presentation of complex designs. With zero warping and reduced odour during printing, PLA Prime offers a seamless and comfortable printing experience.

ASA Prime

16x9 ASA v uporabi v2 1 of 1

Unmatched durability and reliability

ASA Prime represents the pinnacle of engineering-grade filament technology, offering unmatched performance and durability. Boasting zero warping and exceptional interlayer adhesion, ASA Prime provides a flawless printing experience without the usual issues found with some conventional ASA filaments. Its improved formula provides exceptional strength and impact resistance, making it an ideal choice for demanding applications that require durability in harsh environments.

Versatile use and superior features

Designed for outdoor use, ASA Prime excels in applications where UV and weather resistance are paramount. Its high heat resistance allows parts to be printed that can withstand elevated temperatures, ensuring reliability in real-world conditions. With excellent adhesion of the first layer and intermediate layer, ASA Prime ensures the structural integrity of printed parts, reducing the risk of cracks and ensuring a smooth printing process. In addition, ASA Prime’s high-precision capabilities enable the creation of complex models with fine details, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from prototypes to end-use parts.

ABS Prime

16x9 ABS v uporabi 1 of 1

Unmatched durability and performance

ABS Prime embodies advanced filament engineering technology that delivers durability and performance for demanding applications. With zero warping and exceptional interlayer adhesion, ABS Prime ensures seamless printing processes while maintaining mechanical integrity. Its improved formula provides increased impact resistance, making it ideal for parts subjected to sudden and intense forces.

Accurate printing and fine details

Experience the best printing precision with ABS Prime, which can produce intricate details with maximum precision. The excellent intermediate adhesion of the material reduces the risk of cracking under pressure and ensures the structural stability of the printed components. In addition, ABS Prime emits significantly less odour during printing compared to standard ABS, improving the overall printing experience.

Frequently asked questions

What makes the Prime filaments stand out from other 3D printing filament options?

The Prime collection offers a unique combination of advanced features including zero warping, high heat resistance, exceptional impact strength and precision adhesion between layers. These attributes provide superior performance and reliability for a wide range of applications, setting the Prime filaments apart from mainstream filament options.

Can I achieve fine details and intricate prints with the Prime filaments?

Yes, definitely. Both ASA Prime and ABS Prime are designed to deliver high-precision printing with precise details, allowing users to create complex designs with the utmost precision. Whether you’re working on architectural models, artistic sculptures or functional prototypes, the Prime collection makes it easy to achieve impressive results.

How do the Prime filaments perform in outdoor environments and harsh conditions?

ASA Prime and ABS Prime boast strong UV and weather resistance, making them ideal choices for outdoor use. These filaments can withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight, moisture and temperature fluctuations without compromising their structural integrity or performance. Whether you’re printing parts for outdoor signs, automotive components or garden accessories, the Prime collection provides long-term durability and reliability.

How can I ensure optimal storage and handling of Prime filaments?

To maintain the quality and efficiency of Prime Collection filaments, it is essential to store them in a cool and dry environment, away from UV light. We recommend storing the filament in an enclosed space with a silica desiccant packet to prevent moisture absorption and ensure consistent print results. In addition, see the attached Technical Data Sheets and Safety Data Sheets for comprehensive handling instructions and safety precautions. By following these recommendations, you can increase the life and usefulness of Prime filaments.


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