Top 10 gaming gadgets: Elevate your gaming setup with 3D printing

3D printing

In the dynamic gaming world, enthusiasts are constantly seeking ways to enhance their gaming experience and create a setup that not only showcases their unique style but also pushes the boundaries of innovation. In this regard, 3D printing has become a game-changer that enables gamers to personalise their space like never before!

In this blog, we will present some cool and completely customizable gaming gadgets that every gamer can simply 3D print at home! Whether you need a personalized controller holder, mouse case, microphone mount, laptop stand or under-desk drawer, the possibilities are limitless!

The top 10 gaming gadgets

Sliding headphone holder

Let’s start simple with this one-piece sliding headphone holder that you can easily print and install just under your desk to always have easy access. It can be printed with no support, and positioned with just two screws. Feel free to print it in the colour that suits you or your aesthetic the best! This model was created by WildRoseBuilds and is available on Printables for free.

headphones slider e1712213673896

Source: Printables

Vertical mouse

If you are the DIY type and don’t want to spend lots of money on a computer mouse, this just might be for you! The author of the model, JTK Engineering, shares in detail all the steps that have to be followed to get this cool vertical mouse to work like a charm. You can download the model from Printables for free!


Source: Printables

Mouse bungee

Now that you got yourself a mouse, you should 3D print a mouse bungee. This way you can make sure your cables don’t get mixed up or twisted all over your gaming surface! This simple design was created by _AIS_ and is available on Thingiverse for free.


Source: AzureFilm

Controller stand

Next up is the perfect gaming gadget for anyone who deeply cares about showcasing their controllers! This peace hand controller stand can be personalized to look like real skin or to go with the colour of your controller. No supports are needed, and it ensures a stable position to keep your equipment safe. This model was created by Holoprops and can be downloaded from Cults 3D for 2,89€.


Source: Cults 3D

Controller holder

In case you prefer to store your controllers under the desk, you could 3D print this simple Xbox controller holder which serves as a secure mount that is both durable and easy to print. You can install it with tape or screws. Bonus, it gives you complete flexibility on where you want to secure it! The model was created by Svague and is available on Cults 3D for free.


Source: Cults 3D

MX Master 3 mouse case

Secure your MX Master with this sturdy mouse case that even has little side pockets to store your cable or SD cards. Personalize it with a fun or inspirational quote, add the pattern design on top, and take your mouse anywhere safely! This model was created by Neutronetix. You can get it on Thingiverse for free.


Source: AzureFilm

Microphone mount

Another useful gadget incoming! This is a hot shoe microphone mount that you can personalize for a larger or smaller microphone. This way you can focus on your game and be completely worry-free about dropping your microphone. The author of the model is asgeirom. You can download the STL files from Thingiverse for free.


Source: Thingiverse

Laptop stand

With all your devices secure it is only fair to ensure your laptop is as well! Try printing this versatile laptop stand that fits devices of different sizes, is very durable, ensures good airflow, and can be printed on a normal-size print bed. The author of the model is mateo.mamaladze. You can get the STL file on Thangs for free.


Source: AzureFilm

Under desk drawer

To keep every little thing organised and within reach when needed you might want to print this handy under desk drawer. It is the perfect size to hold spare cables, cards, games or other. Personalize it to go with your unique vibe and enjoy organising! The model was created by Paul and is available on Printables for free.


Source: Printables

LED sign

Last up comes this colourful LED sign that you can print, assemble and showcase to spice up your gaming set-up! It covers all the PlayStation joystick symbols and leaves room to insert the LED strips of your choice. The author of the model is RODE-ARTE3D. You can download the files from Cults 3D for 1,82€.


Source: Cults 3D

There you have it – the top 10 gaming gadgets that you can personalize by 3D printing! We hope some of these inspired you to bring your gaming to a new level. Feel free to share your creations with us on social media!


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