AzureFilm Master Spool and Refill Upgrades

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Who’s ready to upgrade their 3D printing game? Say hello to the AzureFilm Master Spool – the only spool you will ever need! Our reusable spool provides an eco-friendly and cost-effective option for all your 3D printing filament needs. By choosing the AzureFilm Master Spool, you’re not only enjoying a reliable and easy-to-use product, but you’re also helping to create a cleaner environment.

Why Choose the AzureFilm Master Spool?

Sustainable and durable design

Our Master Spool is made from two reusable discs created through injection moulding. This ensures the durability and precision of the spool.

Eco-friendly solution

Switching to the AzureFilm Master Spool helps reduce plastic waste. It’s the only spool you’ll need, promoting better resource management and a greener planet.

AzureFilm Master Spool

Wide compatibility

The AzureFilm Master Spool can be used on most 3D printers, making it a versatile choice for all your projects.

Easy assembly

Setting up the Master Spool is very easy. Just push the discs onto the Refill (on a cardboard coil), remove the plastic straps, and place the assembled set on your 3D printer like a standard spool. It’s that simple!

New mechanical features

  • Filament scale: Easily see how much filament you have left
  • Secure filament pins: Three functional pins around the spool secure your filament when not in use and prevent tangles.
  • Rectangular hole: A rectangular hole helps you close the spool. Once the refill filament is on remove the plastic tapes, and your filament spool is ready to go.

What’s new in our Refill collection?

We’ve listened to your feedback and made some cool upgrades to our Refill filaments:

  • No more plastic zip ties: We’ve replaced plastic ties with a more efficient option for securing your filament.
  • Straight filament tail: The filament tail is now completely straight, preventing it from getting stuck in the spool.
  • ⭐ Bambu Lab compatibility: Our Refill filaments are now compatible not just with AzureFilm Master Spool but also with the Bambu Lab spools.

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Join the refill revolution

We believe that refill filaments are the future of the 3D printing industry. So, stock up on AzureFilm’s Master Spools and switch from regular spools to refill options. Nature will thank you.

Frequently asked questions

What is a master spool?

A master spool is a reusable spool designed to hold filament refills. Instead of purchasing filament on single-use plastic spools, users can buy refill filaments that can be inserted into the master spool. This reduces plastic waste and can be more cost-effective.

What is refill filament?

Refill filament is 3D printer filament that is sold without the traditional plastic spool. This type of filament is part of an initiative to reduce waste and promote sustainability within the 3D printing community. Refill filaments are designed to use with just one, reusable master spool and are typically secured with ties or straps to prevent them from tangling during storage and transport.

How to reuse a spool?

Prepare your desired Refill filament and simply push the spool discs onto it, remove the plastic straps, and place the assembled set on your 3D printer like a standard spool.


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