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Bambu textured PEI plate

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Bambu textured PEI plate

Eliminate concerns related to warping and elevate your print quality by utilizing the distinctive surface texture of the Bambu Textured PEI Plate.

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Manufacturer Part No: FAP004
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Bambu textured PEI plate

Achieve great adhesion and easy print removal with the Bambu Textured PEI Plate. This plate is designed to provide a superior 3D printing experience while giving an interesting first-layer texture.


  • Excellent first-layer adhesion
  • Improved durability
  • Compatibility with various filaments like PLA, TPU, PETG, ABS and Nylon.

Self-release feature

PEI is known for its resilience to temperature fluctuations. It ensures easy print removal when the heatbed cools down. Wait for the temperature to reach 35°C or lower; if the print still adheres, gently bend the steel plate, and your print will release without problems.

Reliable magnetic adhesion

The Bambu Textured PEI Plate has a 0.5mm thick stainless steel plate and offers enhanced magnetic adhesion. This feature prevents warping and ensures stable print quality. Your initial print layers will adhere securely, even when dealing with larger models or materials that tend to warp, such as ABS, PC, and Nylon.

Unique textured surface

Through a precise powder-coating process, the Bambu Textured PEI Plate provides a distinctive textured surface for your prints, adding character to your creations.


The installation of this plate is easy and takes a few seconds.
Step 1: Align the plate with the fixed points of the platform, ensuring the name of the plate faces you.

Step 2: Lower the plate onto the magnetic platform and secure it in place.

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Material: PEI powder coating + 301SEH stainless steel plate
Surface temperature resistance: Up to 180°C
Flexible stainless steel plate thickness: 0.5mm
Textured PEI coating thickness: 0.075mm
Usable print size: 256x256mm
Package size: 300x270x17mm
Package weight: 450g
Colour: Gold

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