Creality CR-10 Smart Silent Mainboard

Creality CR-10 Smart Silent Mainboard

Creality CR-10 Smart Silent Mainboard : Experience a new dimension of quiet and precise 3D printing with the Creality CR-10 Smart Silent Mainboard! This advanced motherboard brings revolutionary silence to your workspace, allowing you to enjoy the art of 3D printing without unnecessary noise. The perfect combination of performance and peace for your creative projects!

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Manufacturer Part No: 3A10SM11
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Creality CR-10 Smart Silent Mainboard Kit

Key features:

  • Silent Operation: Reduces stepper motor noise for quieter 3D printing.
  • StealthChop Technology: Incorporates advanced Trinamic technology for smoother and quieter motor control.
  • TMC Drivers: Uses Trinamic Motor Control drivers to minimize vibrations and noise during printing.
  • MOSFET Upgrades: Improved transistors for enhanced stability and efficiency.
  • Thermal Runaway Protection: Monitors and prevents overheating for added safety.
  • Direct Replacement: Compatible as a direct replacement for the stock mainboard in Creality CR-10 printers.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for user-friendly, plug-and-play installation.
  • SD Card Slot: Retains SD card functionality for convenient file storage and access.
  • Improved Print Quality: Contributes to enhanced print quality by reducing motor noise impact.

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