Creality Halot Mage 8K+500ml Resin GRATIS


Creality Halot Mage 8K+500ml Resin GRATIS

Introducing the new Creality Halot Mage 8K resin printer – a sophisticated and technologically advanced machine that brings even the most complex details on your products to life.

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Manufacturer Part No: AZDHM-MAGE
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Creality Halot Mage 8K has numerous new features and functions. Let’s take a look!

8K magic for exciting details

Creality Halot Mage 8K is equipped with a mono 8K LCD screen that provides a stunning 33,177,600 pixels and 29.7μm XY resolution, which is significantly better than conventional 4K printers that only have 50μm. This advanced technology allows the printer to produce intricate details on prints such as hair, fabrics, skin textures, and organic shapes.

10.3” LCD screen

Creality Halot Mage 8K has a large 10.3″ LCD screen and a volume of 228x128x230 mm. The larger volume gives you much more creative freedom, as your products can be larger and more detailed.

“MAGEARCH” flip lid

Creality has also redesigned the printer lid. The “MageArch” lid can be opened and closed with one hand. The “MageArch” lid is attached to the printer itself and the orange shade blocks 99.89% of UV light from the environment.

Air purifier

Powered and controlled directly by the printer, the air purifier includes a replaceable activated carbon filter that is 5.8 times larger than other filters. Therefore, it is more effective in absorbing the irritating smell of resin. The ventilation opening on the back allows connection with an air hose.

Ultra steady Z-axis with dual linear rails

The Z-axis of Creality Halot Mage 8K incorporates two rigid linear rails, which are powered by a high-performance motor. This mechanism minimizes wobbling and enables the printer to handle larger and heavier prints with ease.

Wider choice, better slicing

With the independently developed HALOT BOX system, the Creality Halot Mage 8K offers an intuitive 4-step workflow and various presets to achieve better print quality. Additionally, the printer is compatible with other slicer software, which expands the range of options available. Moreover, your purchase includes a 3-month VIP CHITUBOX Pro slicing program at no extra cost.

Resin-based printing enthusiasts of all skill levels can benefit from the specifically designed HALOT MAGE 8K 3D printer, which offers advanced features and cutting-edge technology for producing high-quality prints with exceptional detail and precision.


Printing technology: LCD MSLA
Build volume: 228x128x230mm (6712cm³)
Product dimensions: 333x270x608mm
Package dimensions: 420x350x675mm
Net weight: 12000g
Gross weight: 16000g
Printing speed: 1-5s/layer
Layer height: 0.05-0.15mm


LCD screen: 100±0.1mm
LCD resolution: 8K (7680x4320)
XY resolution: 29.7μm
Display screen: 4.3" colour touchscreen
File transfer: USB drive
Light source: Integral Light
Light intensity: 5000±10%μW/cm²
Air purifier: Yes
Resin: 405nm resins


Input power: 100W
Slicing software: HALOT BOX, CHITUBOX, Lychee Slicer
Computer OS: Windows/Mac
File formats: STL/OBJ

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