Creality UW-02 Washing and Curing Machine


Creality UW-02 Washing and Curing Machine

The Creality UW-02 Washing and Curing Machine device is intended for cleaning and curing your 3D models printed with DLP 3D printers.

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The UW-02 is an all-in-one washing and curing machine designed for efficiency and convenience. With a generous 10.1-inch solidified space, it’s built to accommodate larger-sized models, meeting the demands of sizable 3D printing projects.

Two-in-one cleaning and curing

This machine offers a two-in-one solution for cleaning and curing 3D prints. In the washing mode, it integrates an automatic cleaning function, providing a powerful and thorough cleaning process. When in curing mode, precise control over light, speed, and time ensures accurate and comprehensive curing of 3D printed parts.

360-degree all-around curing

The UW-02 is equipped with a 360-degree rotating platform, featuring 24 dual-band UV lamp beads. This design ensures all-around curing without dead bands, maximizing the efficiency of the curing process. The reflect light design further enhances the light source’s reflectivity, speeding up model curing.

Two flexible cleaning methods

The UW-02 offers two flexible cleaning methods: washing without the build plate or washing together with the build plate. Its powerful cleaning capabilities are thanks to the customized magnetic large fan blade, ensuring efficient removal of excess resin from model surfaces.

Larger washing basket

Featuring a larger washing bucket, the UW-02 can accommodate larger models for cleaning. It is compatible with all 10.1-inch and below SLA 3D printers on the market, making it a versatile addition to your 3D printing workflow. The washing size dimensions are 240mm x 160mm x 200mm, providing ample space for various-sized prints.

Technical details:

  • Fully-enclosed machine Size: 325x295x485mm
  • Fully-enclosed weight: 7.1kg
  • Washing size: 240x160x200mm
  • Curing size: diameter of 200x300mrn
  • Maximum model weight: 2.5kg
  • Package specification: 381x349x525mm
  • Mode: Cleaning / Curing
  • Speed: Fast/ Constant Speed
  • Time: 2min-30min
  • SLA wavelength: 385nm&405nm
  • Input voltage: 100-240V
  • Output constant voltage: DC 24V
  • Power supply power: 60W
  • Box type: Fully-enclosed
  • Material of curing platform: Mirror stainless steel
  • Material of Washing bucket: PP
  • Support Language: Chinese/English
  • Control software system: Windows 7 or above

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