UV Light for SLA Printer

UV Light for SLA Printer

UV Light for SLA Printers can cure resin within 5 cm to the light in 10-15 seconds.

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Key Features:

  • This UV Light for SLA Printers with 6 high power 405nm UV LED, can fast cure the 405nm UV resin printed objects.
  • Within 5cm to the light, the resin can be cure within 10-15 seconds, but thicker parts need more time.
  • High strength material, safe, eco-friendly, strong.
  • This light can be apply to DIY curing enclosure or use in handheld way.
  • High intensity LED UV Bulbs provide powerful, consistent and reliable curing light.
  • Power switch for easy use and control, power conservation.
  • Good luminosity and short curing time. Suitable for UV curing, resin curing.Handle includes mounting holes for mounting to any surface.


  • Item Type: UV Resin Curing Light
  • Input voltage: 110-260V
  • Light emission wavelength: 405nm
  • Light output: 6W power and 60W UV influence
  • Lamp type: high-bright foot UV lamp
  • Size: 115x85x75mm
  • Packing list:1pc

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