Nema 23 Stepper Motor

Nema 23 Stepper Motor with 55mm body and 2.8A rated current, integrated with a 61.65mm Planetary gearbox of 50:1 gear ratio.

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Manufacturer Part No: 3A117
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Key features:


Electrical Specifications:

  • Part Number: 23HS22-2804S-HG50
  • Motor Type: Bipolar Stepper Motor
  • Step Precision: Each step is incredibly precise at 0.036 degrees, allowing fine control.
  • Holding Torque: Even without the gearbox, it holds a steady 103 Ncm of torque for stability.
  • Powerful: Operates at 2.8A per phase and 2.5V for smooth movement.
  • Efficient: With a low resistance of 0.9 ohms, it manages electrical flow effectively.
  • Stable: Has an inductance of 2.8 mH with ±20% tolerance at 1 KHz for stable electrical performance.

Gearbox Specifications:

  • Size: The motor and gearbox together measure 57 x 57 millimeters, compact and space-efficient.
  • Motor Length: The motor’s length is 55 millimeters.
  • Gearbox Length: The gearbox adds 61.65 millimeters to the total length.
  • Shaft: The motor’s shaft has a 14-millimeter diameter and extends for 34 millimeters.
  • Key-way: There’s a 25-millimeter key-way on the shaft for secure connections.
  • Leads: The motor has 4 leads, which are electrical connections.
  • Lead Length: The leads are 320 millimeters long, offering flexibility.
  • Weight: The total weight of the motor and gearbox assembly is 1800 grams.


  • Motor Type: Bipolar Stepper Motor, perfect for precise control.
  • Gearbox Advantage: Built-in Planetary Gearbox with a 50:1 gear ratio for high torque and slower speeds.
  • Compact: Size of 57 x 57mm and 55mm motor length, saving space and adapting easily.
  • Performance: Operates at 2.8A and 2.5V, offering efficiency and power.
  • Precision: Minimal backlash (less than or equal to 25 arcmin) ensures accuracy.
  • Durability: Designed for longevity with an expected lifespan of 20,000 hours.


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