Unset PC ABS

Maintain high temperature resistance and elasticity, but do it in an environmentally friendly way with our Unset PC ABS.

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Manufacturer Part No: FB171-8888; Net weight: 1000g
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100% recycled filament
Strong UV resistance
Chemical & water resistant
Perfect for technical applications
Resist up to 100°C
Not for beginners
Enclosed 3D printer recommended

PC ABS filaments

PC ABS filaments are a mix of polycarbonate (PC) and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). This material is popular due to its high mechanical performance. PC ABS filament is lightweight and has an expanded lifetime. This material has an excellent temperature resistance up to 100°C and it also offers toughness, strength, and chemical resistance against alcohols, oils, greases, ozone, and water while displaying a smooth surface finish. The most popular applications of PC ABS are electronic, automotive and telecommunication industries.

This material can be printed without an enclosed printer but we strongly recommend using an enclosure or enclosed 3D printer.

Unset PC ABS

The Unset filaments are your eco-choice for the next projects. These filaments are made from excess material produced during our production processes. This means that Unset filament is made from 100% recycled materials and helps reduce waste. The colour of these filaments changes with every order because of the different combinations of recycled material colours.

You can access the Technical Data Sheet here.

Printing recommendations:

  • For the best results, print at 265–285°C. 
  • Recommended printing table temperature is 110°C. We recommend using an enclosure or enclosed 3D printer.
  • Use a glass bed, PEI sheet, Kapton, or Blue tape for the build platform with 3Dlac spray.

*Ideal temperature may vary when using different printers.


Features and properties

Flexibility: High
Strength: High
Durability: High
Difficulty to use: Medium
Shrinkage / Warping: Minimal
Soluble: No
Diameter available: 1.75mm
Manufacturer: AzureFilm

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