Delta 22W: The world’s first smart laser engraver

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As laser engraver enthusiasts many of us were hoping to find a device with better engraving precision, intuitive controls, seamless integration with digital devices, and cutting-edge software compatibility. Regular laser engravers often lack in terms of user-friendliness resulting in a poor engraving experience.

With that in mind, AlgoLaser has launched Delta 22W– the world’s very first smart laser engraver. It incorporates advanced technology, ease of use, and top-tier features that challenge the depth of your creativity.

In this article, we are going to break down everything Delta 22W has to offer from its features to the integrated technologies.

Key features of Algolaser Delta 22W

Smart screen control

AlgoLaser Delta 22W starts engraving with a few taps of your figure. The smart laser engraver comes with a 3.5-inch touchscreen. It supports Wi-Fi and 5G. You can oversee and control all its functions from engraving to the use of the air pump. To update the laser, use the smart screen of Delta 22W.

What’s remarkable about the laser engraver is that you don’t need to use an app or external devices for engraving. The smart laser has a built-in SD card with images that you can use or load images via a USB drive for instant engraving.

The RGB lighting isn’t there to make the laser look just cool, it also allows you to supervise work progress, system alerts, and machine status. The offline batch-cutting feature lets you finish producing bulk orders.

All you have to do is create several engravings and cut them all at once. For more skilful operation, Delta 22W allows the pre-storing of NC files and supports G-code. The laser engraver also has a mobile app that allows you to cut, control, and engrave using your phone.

Algolaser Delta 22W Ekran

Second-generation COS technology

AlgoLaser Delta uses second-generation Coherent Optical Scanning technology to ameliorate the intensity and shape of the laser beam. Most laser engravers use old technologies that create rectangular laser spots. The integration of COS technology in Delta 22W focuses on producing precise engravings irrespective of the oscillating power levels.

It compresses the laser spots so they almost achieve a square shape instead of a rectangular shape. Thus, the quality of the engraving always stays high whether you are using 100% or 3% of power.

Another advantage of the technology is that it boosts the effectiveness of the laser beams by 40% making the engravings sharper. It also reduces wear and tear on the machine ensuring consistent and lasting performance.

12X faster speed

Delta 22W from AlgoLaser comes with a motion speed of 500mm (max) and an engraving speed of 30,000 mm (max) per second. It is way more than what other laser engravers have to offer. Delta 22W will help you finish your projects 12 times faster exceeding all your expectations.

Very powerful 4-core motherboard

Delta runs a 4-core dual CPU. It supports 32GB SD cards, 16MB memory, and 8MB RAM. It increased the file uploading speeds by roughly 200% which is unmatched.

5 minutes set up

The smart laser engraver mostly comes pre-assembled and it will take only five minutes for you to set up the whole thing. The manual has a few very easy installation steps for you to follow. And it will be ready to engrave before you know it!

Algolaser Delta 22W_Multicolor

The built-in smart air pump allows automatic airflow tuning depending on the power and speed. You can also regulate it using the LaserGRBL software, LightBurn, or the AlgoLaser app.

Go on a creative streak with 500+ shades of colour

Colour blows life into your engraved designs and amplifies their aesthetics. The right combination of colours evokes emotions, tells stories, and produces visual harmony. A set number of colours limits your vision and creativity. But not with Delta 22W as its 500+ shades make your engraving stand out making them unforgettable.

Supreme cutting abilities

The smart laser engraver isn’t just good at creating remarkable designs. It comes with supreme cutting ability too. Its 22W laser module can cut through varied materials such as basswood plywood, MDF, acrylics, pinewood, and more.
Its cutting finesse is another thing that we are in awe of. It takes four passes for a machine to cut through pinewood of 30mn. On the contrary, delta 22W needs just one pass saving a lot of time. Its clean and smooth cutting precision ensures top-quality finished goods every time.

Why should you get AlgoLaser Delta 22W?

Delta 22W can be the first smart laser engraver but why should you spend your money on it? Apart from some very cool features what’s more it has to offer?

The laser engraver has a lot of benefits that make it just the right device for you and these are:

Higher compatibility: Delta 22W is designed to cater to the needs of everyone whether you are a small business owner, a proficient artist, or just a DIY enthusiast. The engraver is highly compatible and supports an array of file formats. Thus, it becomes easier to work with it.

Large workspace: It has a large area for engraving so you do not have to worry about size while taking projects. Delta 22W is the right laser engraver for working on intricate pieces of jewellery or large wooden creations.

User-friendly interface: Anyone can use Delta 22W. It only takes 5 minutes to build and the touch screen has made it very easy to operate. With these smart laser engravers, even newbies can create striking engraving.

You can make adjustments in the module height for better focus by pressing the reset focus rod. It has a detachable magnetic laser shielder and its cable management is also great.

Ease of connectivity: Its slick connectivity is another reason why you should have this smart device. With this, you can either work using the built-in Wi-Fi or opt for USB. In both cases, it will offer smooth connectivity.

10 safety features: AlgoLaser Delta 22W prioritizes safety and comes equipped with 10 safety features for a better and safer working environment. Some of these features include:

Algolaser Delta 22W Finished Products Closeup

  • Emergency stop switch key lock
  • Current and voltage detective and protection
  • USB connection detective and protection
  • Machine offset detective and protection
  • Machine tilt detective and protection
  • Gyroscope detection
  • Protects the Motherboard from over-temperature

Infinite creative potentials: Tap into your inner potential with Delta 22W with which you can tailor home décor, produce custom-made gifts, and create elaborate artwork. You can create unique art that personifies you and turn it into a brand.

Troubleshooting tips for a smooth engraving experience

We all face some issues while using electronic devices at some point. Delta isn’t beyond that. Hence, in this section, we are going to list a few general troubleshooting tips so you know what to do when faced with issues.

Inspect the power supply

The steady power supply is important for a seamless engraving experience so this should be the first thing you check. First, check if the laser engraver is firmly connected to a well-functioning power outlet. In case faced with power-related issues changing the power cord might help.

You can also choose a different power outlet too. Issues with power supply can cause frequent shutdowns. It can do serious damage to the machine.

Secure connection

The next thing you should check before working are connections. Check if your computer or USB is securely connected to the engraver. Carefully insert the cable into the computer. Replacing the USB port or defective cable can help with connection issues.

Don’t forget to update

Updating the drivers and software is crucial to maintaining the compatibility and performance of the laser engraver. Regular updates ensure better functionality and fix previous problems.


Any machine would serve for a long time if it has been maintained properly. This means cleaning it properly and frequently. Residues, debris, and dust can lower the functionality of the engraver if you don’t have any mechanical issues. Thus, you have to clean the machine regularly following the right method.

Read the manual and understand the cleaning process. You can also reach out to the manufacturers in this regard. Debris tends to accumulate easily in the ventilation areas and around the laser head. Use a soft cloth to clean the outside of these areas. Clean the inside with a soft brush.

Algolaser Delta 22W LifeStyle2 1

Right now, nothing compares to AlgoLaser Delta 22W. It has everything you are looking for in a laser engraver and more. Its engraving speed, ease of use, and a vibrant colour pallet will inspire and fuel your passion.

The world’s first smart laser engraver’s world-class safety features make sure you and the machine stay completely safe. Just follow the manual for proper installation. Clean the laser engraver after you are done working to boost its performance and lifespan.

The smart laser engraver is available in our store. So, what are you waiting for? Secure your Delta 22W from Azurefilm today.


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