ABS PLUS Glitter: Excellence with a touch of sparkle

3D filaments

ABS PLUS: Strength and performance

1 ABS PLUS Glitter

ABS PLUS filaments have been widely popular for their high strength, impact toughness and thermal resistance that they can offer. “PLUS” in ABS PLUS implicates the additional addition of special additives which provides an improved mechanical performance, superior to ordinary ABS. Since ABS PLUS has a tolerance to temperatures up to 85°C, it is one of the preferred materials for applications requiring strength and credibility.

ABS PLUS Glitter: Where strength meets sparkle

2 ABS PLUS Glitter

Our ABS PLUS Glitter filament Black builds upon the reliability of ABS PLUS, infusing it with fine glitter particles. The result is a high-performance material that not only maintains superior mechanical strength and heat resistance but also adds a touch of sparkling aesthetics. It’s important to note that the glitter particles while enhancing visual appeal, are slightly abrasive. For the best printing experience, we recommend using a 0.6mm abrasion-resistant nozzle.

Printing recommendations and technical specifications

3 ABS PLUS Glitter

First, to uncover the maximum that ABS PLUS Glitter filament Black can offer us we recommend a printing temperature range from 240°C to up to 260°C and a printing table temperature of 90–120°C. Although this filament does not necessarily require an enclosure, we strongly recommend using an enclosed 3D printer setup. You can use various build surfaces such as a glass bed, PEI sheet, Kapton or Blue tape with 3Dlac spray.

Unleash the glittering elegance in your 3D prints – ABS PLUS Glitter Filament Black is the choice for those who demand excellence with a touch of sparkle.


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