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Bambu Lab printers: Which one should I choose?

Choosing the right Bambu Lab model is very important. Each model has its special features and is designed for diverse applications. This blog will describe all models and give you insights that will help you choose the perfect one for your needs. Meet the Bambu Lab P1 series Bambu Lab P1P The Bambu Lab P1P [...]

Delta 22W: The world’s first smart laser engraver

As laser engraver enthusiasts many of us were hoping to find a device with better engraving precision, intuitive controls, seamless integration with digital devices, and cutting-edge software compatibility. Regular laser engravers often lack in terms of user-friendliness resulting in a poor engraving experience. With that in mind, AlgoLaser has launched Delta 22W– the world’s very [...]

Creality K1 review: Let’s take a closer look at this new speedy printer

Are you looking for a 3D printer that is super fast and easy to use? In this case, Creality K1 could be what you need! The new model from Creality has caught a lot of attention among 3D printing enthusiasts. One of its main features that spike the most interest is its speed. Called “The [...]

3D printer parts: Essential components and functions

FDM printing is one of the most popular 3D printing methods available that challenges and inspires millions of creative minds in producing captivating 3D models creating a revolution in many industries such as healthcare and aerospace. In this article, we will discuss different 3D printer parts and how they function. We will also break down [...]