PETG Skin collection: Bring your 3D prints to life

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Meet our newest addition: the PETG Skin collection! PETG is a very popular material in the 3D printing world and the need for different colour options is consistently rising. This is why we decided to create a Skin collection that mimics the appearance and texture of human skin.

Because these filaments offer a range of natural skin tones for realistic and lifelike prints, you can use this filament for cosplay props, human figures, prosthetics, or any artistic project that demands authenticity. Let’s take a look at all the new colours from the PETG Skin collection!

PETG Skin filaments

PETG Skin filament Latte

PETG Skin filament Latte is the lightest of all 4 colours and represents light skin tones. Latte is ideal for projects that require a subtle and gentle complexion.

PETG Skin filament Macchiato

Enjoy the warm and creamy tones of PETG Skin Filament Macchiato. This filament adds a cosy and inviting vibe to your prints, making it suitable for a range of projects. This filament delivers a warm and inviting finish.

PETG Skin filament Cappuccino

Choose PETG Skin filament Cappuccino to add a beautiful and rich colour that will add a special depth to your prints.

PETG Skin Filament Espresso

PETG Skin filament Espresso is full of bold and rich tones. This shade is perfect for the imitation of darker skin colours or any other objects that require depth and vibrancy.

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Printing recommendations and technical details

For optimal results with PETG Skin filaments, we recommend a printing temperature range of 220–240°C. The recommended printing table temperature is 80°C. Various build surfaces such as glass beds, PEI sheets, Kapton, or Blue tape can be used for the build platform with 3Dlac spray for enhanced adhesion. It’s important to note that ideal temperatures may vary depending on the printer used.

Key features and properties

  • Easy to print
  • Odourless
  • Great for prosthetics
  • No need for an enclosed 3D printer
  • Not resistant to water and chemicals
  • Sensitive to moisture

We invite you to give the PETG Skin collection a try. It is designed for ease of use and is suitable for a variety of applications. These filaments provide a realistic finish that adds authenticity to your creations. Bring your artistic visions to life with the PETG Skin collection from AzureFilm.


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