Valentine’s Day: Top 10 gifts for your loved one

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means that the season of hearts, roses, and sweet gestures is slowly taking over. With love filling the air, this is the ideal timing for all of you 3D printing enthusiasts to add a touch of romance to your creations and surprise your loved ones.

Now, to ensure you’re well-prepared for the day of love, we’ve selected the top 10 Valentine’s Day 3D printed gifts that will sweep your special someone off their feet. From charming heart-shaped boxes to cookie cutters, and other intricate love-themed 3D designs, our blog is full of lovely ideas.

Top 10 Valentine’s Day 3D prints ideas

Heart bookmark

First in line, the heart bookmark is the perfect gift for any book lover. This practical gift idea serves as a useful tool for keeping your place in a book, so no page is missed! This model was created by 102creations and is available on Cults 3D for free.

BLOG PETG Raspberry red Book Mark 1 BLOG PETG Raspberry red Book Mark 2

Heart-shaped box

Next up, you could try your 3D printing skills with this lovely heart-shaped box, perfect for hiding in little surprises. Whether your loved one has a soft spot for chocolate or jewellery, this box is the perfect size to sneak into someone’s pocket or under the pillow. This model was created by Randomizy and is available on Cults 3D for free.

Blog Silk Lila Heart Box 2 Blog Silk Lila Heart Box 1

Heart slinky

What about a fun heart slinky? The perfect gift that could be personalized using different filaments, even multicolour ones! It’s easy to print and doesn’t require any support. Reveal its magic by separating the layers with a light pull, and it’s all ready! This model was crafted by rky.91 and is available on Maker World for free.

Heart Slinky RainbowSilkCandy 1

Cookie cutters

Ever thought of sweetening up the mood by gifting Valentine’s Day-themed cookie cutters? You could print different designs, such as juicy lips, love letters or heart devil models. This way you surely have some love-themed cookies coming your way! These models were created by Indibles. You can get them on Maker World for free.

BLOG PETG Cookie Cutters 4 1 BLOG PETG Cookie Cutters 4 3 BLOG PETG Cookie Cutters 4 2

Heart and arrow hairpin

Coming up, is a cute and easy heart and arrow hairpin. This is the perfect gift for anyone trying to keep their hair off their face. You can customize it with different colour combinations if you download the dual colour print, or just keep it nice and simple. This model was made by acerqua1. Find it on Maker World for free.

BLOG PETG Mix Heart Hair Pin 1

Rose with stem

If you’re not a big fan of keeping real plants alive, this 3D printed rose with stem is the perfect choice for you. Make sure to print the parts separately and assemble them together with some instant or plastic glue. This is an everlasting gift, guaranteed to keep your 3D love alive! The model was created by soukup273. Download it from Maker World for free.

Rose 1

Heart keychain

Moving on to this cool flexi heart keychain. It serves as a lovely and original accessory that can be attached to keys, bags, or backpacks. The fun part is, it twists and bends in various ways, allowing you to express your mood or showcase your unique style. It’s super easy to print and requires no support or infill. The model was crafted by Frikarte3D and is available on Maker World for free.

BLOG PETG Mix Keychain Flexi 1

Heart drink coaster

Nobody likes glass stains on the table, right? But you might like this lovely heart drink coaster. This is another cool kitchen gadget that you can showcase in the name of love! Download the model from Thingiverse for free.

ASA Red Heart coaster 1

Picture frame

In case you feel like there aren’t enough family photos around the house, this could be your perfect Valentine’s Day gift. A simple, yet charming picture frame, ready to be filled with some happy family moments! This model was created by g3dprinting and is available on Thingiverse for free.

Blog PLA White frame 1

Heart pen holder

And finally, you could print out this cool wavy heart pen holder. This is a practical and useful gadget that could spice up any office or a kids play time corner. Make it unique with your own multicolour choice. P.S.: You might want to check out our PLA Silk Rainbow collection. This model was created by Kevins3d. You can download it from Cults 3D for 0,90€.

BLOG SilkTropicana PenHolderHeart e1707303557529

There you have it – the top 10 Valentine’s Day 3D printed gift ideas we collected. We hope some of these will bring a few extra smiles to your loved ones’ faces. Feel free to tag us on social media and share your awesome prints with us!


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