AnkerMake M5

Introducing the AnkerMake M5 – a 3D printer poised to impress the world of 3D printing with its innovative features and forward-looking technology!

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This highly intelligent printer boasts enhanced speed, precision, and quality, along with an integrated AI recognition system, making it stand out from the competition.

Incorporating a robust and modern design, the AnkerMake M5 showcases an integrated structure crafted from sleek die-cast aluminum alloy. A strategically designed Z-axis with a larger cross-section ensures not only stability at high speeds but also minimizes installation errors and enhances printing precision by reducing the printer’s center of gravity.

Say goodbye to cable tangles, thanks to the M5’s sleek Z-axis design.

Large build volume

With an impressive build volume of 235x235x250mm, the AnkerMake M5 allows users to create large-scale models with ease.

Printing speed

The AnkerMake M5 operates at a standard print speed of 250 mm/s, resulting in a remarkable 69% reduction in print time compared to other printers. The printer allows excellent acceleration up to even 2500 mm/s.

With PowerBoost™️ and its upgraded version PowerBoost™ 2.0, the M5 achieves an astounding print speed of 500 mm/s and an acceleration of 5000 mm/s, leading to an overall 80% reduction in print time.

Printing accuracy

The AnkerMake M5 maintains its commitment to exceptional quality, even at 5x speed, delivering flawlessly smooth surfaces on printed models.

Innovative ultra direct extruder

The M5’s extruder boasts a multi-stage gear system with a gear ratio of 9.37 and a torque of 0.8 Nm, enabling accelerated extrusion. The enlarged 60-watt heating block heats the nozzle to 200 °C, 1.5 times faster than conventional 3D printers, ensuring seamless filament discharge at fast speeds of 250 mm/s. The extruder’s dual cooling system expels 1.3 times more air than standard printers, effectively preventing stringing and ensuring rapid model cooling.

Powerful processing capability

The M5 harnesses incredible power with two heterogeneous 3-core processors (1.2 GHz x2 + 240 MHz) – an XBurst CPU for intelligent printing and a Marlin CPU for routine processing. Additionally, the printer specializes in image recognition (VPU, ISPx2, CIM), making it ideal for Artificial Intelligence of Things (AloT) applications.

Effortless levelling

The M5 offers automatic 7×7 levelling through intelligent algorithms, calculating a virtual elevation map for precise printing.

Durable PEI magnetic building plate

The scratch-resistant PEI-coated build plate, combined with a magnetic base, simplifies model removal after cooling. The flexible build plate allows for easy bending, facilitating seamless model retrieval.

User-friendly touchscreen

A 4.3-inch colour touchscreen has a user-friendly interface and a night mode option.

A suite of helpful features

The M5 comes equipped with numerous tools for worry-free printing, including an AI Camera System that analyzes 3D model data before printing and provides continuous monitoring throughout the process. Error detection and power failure recovery ensure uninterrupted printing, while live monitoring via the AnkerMake app keeps users informed in real-time, even in low-light conditions. Users can also create and share time-lapse videos on social media.

Simple assembly

Assembling the M5 is a straightforward process, taking only 15 minutes to set up the accessories, tighten screws, and start printing – no engineering expertise is required!

Construction an Technical Details

Usable Nozzle Type: Ankermake M5
Build Area: 235mm x 235mm x 250mm
Usable Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
Max Nozzle Temperature: 260ºC
Open Filament System: Yes
Extruder Type: Direct drive
Recommended Printing Speed Max: 500mm/s
Resolution: 0.1mm
Build Plate Temp Max: 100ºC
Build Plate Surface: PEI
Build Plate Material: Flexible Steel Plate
Build Plate Attachment: Magnetic
Build Chamber During Process: Open
Extruder Number Of: 1

Installation Space / Requirements

Total Mass Overall Dimensions: 502mm x 438mm x 470mm
Total Weight: 12.4kg
Shipping Weight: 14.8kg
Max Power Consumption: 350W
Voltage: AC: 100V - 240V


Hepa Filter: No
Filament Runout Sensor: Yes
Filament Clogging Sensor: Yes
Power Loss Fail Safe: Yes
Touch Screen: Yes
Camera: Yes
Memory Internal: Yes, 8 Gbyte
USB Port: Yes
Cloud Control: Yes

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