Creality HALOT-LITE is a 3D printer of a larger printing size for infinite creation, improved to capture all the details.

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The Creality HALOT-LITE is a 3D printer designed to provide ample printing space, enabling endless creative possibilities.

Integral light source for precision

This printer features an integral light source, self-developed to ensure uniform light intensity distribution across the entire screen. It maintains consistent model accuracy in all dimensions by incorporating 12 lamp beads, each equipped with 4 light-emitting chips. Remarkably, even as individual lamp beads age, the uniformity of printed models remains unaffected.

Capturing intricate details

With its 8.9-inch Monochrome Display and impressive 3840 x 2400 Resolution, the HALOT-LITE excels at capturing intricate details in your prints.

Expansive printing space

Offering a generous 192 x 120 x 200mm moulding space, this 3D printer lets you bring your most ambitious creations to life.

Efficient printing with intelligent chip

Equipped with a powerful computing setup including ARM Cortex-A53 illumination, a 64-bit quad-core CPU+GPU, and 1GB+8GB of memory, the HALOT-LITE ensures smooth operation, consistent printing accuracy, and efficiency.

Wi-Fi and APP control

Take control of your printing process with the Creality Cloud APP. It allows you to monitor progress, adjust settings, and start or stop prints with ease. The built-in Wi-Fi feature also facilitates one-click firmware upgrades.

Intuitive touchscreen interface

Navigate the printer’s features effortlessly through its 5-inch colour touch screen, featuring a simple visual interface for user-friendly operation.

Simplified and efficient slicing

Slice your designs effortlessly using either Lychee or HALOT Box software, both offering flexibility, ease of use, and comprehensive functionality.

Double heat dissipation and efficient purification

The HALOT-LITE incorporates a dual heat dissipation system designed to manage heat sources effectively and dissipate excess heat rapidly. Additionally, an activated carbon air filtration system reduces odour emissions, enhancing your printing experience.

Technical details:

  • LCD Pixel: 3840×2400
  • Light source: Integral light source
  • XY-axis precision: 0.05mm
  • Interaction screen: 5” colour touchscreen
  • Machine weight: 10.6kg
  • Material: 405nm UV Resin
  • Machine size: 330x301x572mm
  • LCD Screen: 8.9” monochrome
  • Printing size: 192x120x200mm
  • Printing speed: 1-4s/layer
  • Input power: 100-240V
  • Layer thickness: 0.01-0.2mm
  • Auto-levelling: Easy manual levelling

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