Creality K1

Let us introduce you to the revolutionary FDM 3D printer – K1 from Creality! This cutting-edge printer is set to take the 3D world by storm, delivering high-quality prints with incredible speed. 

But its efficiency it’s not the only thing to be thrilled about. A big bonus is that you will get your K1 printer already fully assembled, calibrated, and immediately ready to use. Just follow a simple guide that will walk you through the 3D printer setup and start printing right away!

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The Creality K1 printer has many great features that will make your 3D experience extra enjoyable. Let’s mention just a few best ones!

Its speed 

With its max speed of 600mm/s and the fact that it’s 12 times faster than a regular FDM 3D printer, we could also call this printer the »King of Speed”. With an incredible acceleration of 20000mm/s², Creality K1 ramps up to 600mm/s in only 0.03s, delivering full speed in 90% of the printing time. The printer’s fast speed shortens the printing time, increases efficiency, and also saves a lot of energy. 

Robust but aesthetic construction 

Creality K1 has a very sturdy design that allows the printer to achieve high printing speed with no effect on the end quality. The firm CoreXY structure and lightweight printhead (weighing only 190g) are designed for high speeds. The robust frame, combined with a lightweight design of the moving parts, ensures not only less inertia and vibration but also more stability. It has a build volume of 220x220x250 mm and it’s the compactest among the FDM 3D printers of a similar build volume.

Still, the printer has a very cool design that will look good anywhere you put it.

Full power at 32mm³/s flow 

Creality developed a new ceramic heater for the Creality K1 printer which takes just 40 seconds to reach a temperature of 200°C and melts the filaments quickly and evenly.

The printer also has a titanium alloy heatbreak and a copper alloy nozzle that is designed for high temperatures and works perfectly at up to 300°C.

Efficient cooling system

The printhead on Creality K1 has a very powerful double-sided cooling that cools the freshly printed layers directly from two sides. An 18-watt housing fan enhances the cooling effect even more. Thanks to this cooling system, the model hardens before any stringing or warping could occur.

Hands-free auto levelling 

To generate an accurate levelling mesh, strain sensors are embedded into the heatbed. This means that automatic levelling is done before printing begins and you get a perfectly even plate without any extra work.

Quick-heating heatbed 

The aluminium alloy heatbed reaches 60°C in just 180 seconds and spreads heat evenly and quickly.

No ringing at high speed 

We all know that annoying ringing occurs at very high printing speeds. You will not have this problem with the Creality K1 printer due to the G-sensor that is integrated into the printhead. The G-sensor measures the resonance frequencies and auto-tunes them when needed.

Carefree control 

Creality K1 can print via USB drive or WiFi. Once the printing is done or some printing problem occurs, you will be notified on your phone or PC.

If you have a network connection, Creality K1 can be controlled or monitored remotely from Creality Print or Creality Cloud APP/WEB (in this case you will need an AI camera) and this can be done also when more K1 printers are connected online.

Smart operating system 

Creality K1 comes equipped with a fast and smart Creality Operating System (Creality OS) and an easy-to-use interface. The operating system syncs data and commands with your PC, phone, Cloud, and add-on modules. The printer has a very fast dual-core (1.2GHz CPU) that enables high-speed printing with ease. Another cool thing is an 8G ROM that enables you to store up to 400 models and the printer to be quick at reading and writing.


Printing technology: FDM
Build volume: 220x220x250mm
Product dimensions: 355x355x480mm
Package dimensions: 415x415x550mm
Net weight: 12.5kg
Gross weight: 16kg
Printing speed: ≤600mm/s
Acceleration: ≤20000mm/s²
Printing accuracy: 100±0.1mm
Layer height: 0.1-0.35mm


Extruder: Dual-gear direct drive extruder
Filament diameter: 1.75mm
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm (compatible with 0.6/0.8mm)
Nozzle temperature: ≤300°C
Heatbed temperature: ≤100°C
Build surface: Flexible build plate
Leveling mode: Hands-free auto leveling
File transfer: USB drive, WiFi
Display screen: 4.3" color touch screen


AI Camera: Optional
AI LiDAR: Optional
Power loss recovery: Yes
Filament runout sensor: Yes
Input shaping: Yes
Lighting kit: Yes
Sleep mode: Yes
Rated voltage: 100-120V~, 200-240V~, 50/60Hz
Rated power: 350W
Supported filaments: ABS, PLA, PETG, PET, TPU, PA, ABS, ASA, PC, PLA-CF, PA-CF, PET-CF
Printable file format: G-Code
Slicing software: Creality Print; compatible with Cura, Simplify3D, PrusaSlicer
File formats for slicing: STL, OBJ, AMF
UI languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese

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